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I received the following from "Mi Hermano" in Santa Fe, and decided to share, I don't see the media saying very much about it.

By 1968, there were 529,000 Americans fighting in Vietnam. By the end of the war over 58,200 U.S. Military personnel had given their lives fighting over there. On JANUARY 27, 1973 the PARIS PEACE ACCORDS were signed declaring a cease-fire in Vietnam. The U.S, government, South Vietnam and North Vietnam governments pledged to "respect the independence, sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity of Vietnam as recognized by the 1954 Geneva Agreements on Vietnam".  The U.S. further agreed to continue withdrawing troops, which resulted in a complete removal of soldiers by March 29, 1973. The "AGREEMENT ON ENDING THE WAR AND RESTORING PEACE IN VIETNAM" was the official title of the signed text.

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ed Saiz

graduated from santa fe highschool in 1960.

graduated from cal. state univ. in hayward ca.

retired from fire service after 38 years

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