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Major Paul Davis

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"Honoring my father, Major Paul Davis, who fought in the Battle of the Bulge and was called one of Iron Men of Metz.  He liberated a labor camp and was in charge of a Belgian town for over a year. 

"Rest in peace, Daddy, and thank you for your service."  Kristi Davis

Voces de Santa Fe honors your memory. Rest in peace, Mr. Davis

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Thank you from the Voces community. 

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Maria Montez-Skolnik


Both sides of my family trace their roots in the Santa Fé area to the 1600s.  In the earlier years they were primarily farmers, builders, craftsmen, artists (wood carvers and weavers), and educators.  I graduated from SFHS & NMSU and received my BA & MA in Speech & Language Pathology. I divide my time between Santa Fé and the San Francisco Bay Area.  


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