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For the last few days, my computer has been down and out, but all is alright now and we are friends again.

I want to congratulate all the Voces members who shared all the photographs of our Veterans with us; perhaps you may feel that you don't need to be thanked, however you have my sincere thanks for honoring this Brave and Honorable Veterans. I also want to say "muchas gracias con todo mi corazon" also to the Women who served Our Country in the military, including the 11,000 Women who served in Vietnam. The soldiers would say that the "best looking women in Vietnam was an Army Nurse"

God bless Army PFC Lori Piestwa, who was the first Native American Woman killed by enemy action. God Bless Capt. Christel A. Chavez, co-piolet of a MC-130H, transport aircraft. The aircraft crashed in Puerto Rico during poor weather, on a training mission. Capt. Chavez was a graduate of Albq. High School and the Air Force Academy class of 98. She was the daughter of Tom Chavez, Director of Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque. May God Bless all of women warriors.

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ed Saiz

graduated from santa fe highschool in 1960.

graduated from cal. state univ. in hayward ca.

retired from fire service after 38 years

Married with a son & a daughter and 2 grandchildren.

Live in Auburn, Ca.

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