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Santa Fe Fiestas Early 1920's

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Santa FeFiestas Early 1920's


Arthur Scott



   The two photos are personal family photosgraphs from 1919-1922? These were taken on "The Santa Fe Trail" day of the then four day Fiestas.  The photo above was taken at the corner of Shelby and San Francisco streets with Capital Pharmacy in the background. The coach is my grandfather's stage, "The Mountain Pride. The head of Chief Victorio is painted on the door. This coach is currently exhibited at the Lincoln County Courthouse at the Lincoln State Monument. You may read the history of this coach at:  http://vocesdesantafe.org/explore-our-history/santa-fe/item/829-seligman-stage-coaches-nm-history-museum


   I can not identify the gentleman dressed as a Chinese servant with the pigtail on top of the coach. Nor the affluently dressed gentleman riding a a passenger. Any help would be appreciated.


The second photo is a covered wagon in the same parade.



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