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While reading the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper, I came upon an article that brought back some memories of times gone by that I'll never see again.

In many ways, a time when life was tougher and yet simpler.  The heading of the article is' "Mis Crismes:" Youngsters once went door to door for treats

without the tricks. The article states that the youth of Northern New Mexico used to participate in a tradition on Christmas morning very similar to what the

youth of today do on Halloween.  I remember this "tradition" very well, having done this myself when I was 6 or 7 years old, in Rio de Tesuque.

To me the happiness came when I was able to give the "soft" candy to my beloved grandmother and see a smile on her face.

The article also states that someone named Alfredo  Lujan who was raised in Nambe and teaches English and coaches in Santa Fe wrote and won the

newspaper's Holiday Short Story contest in 2002, a story about his own childhood "Mis Crismes" experience. I hope to obtain a copy of his short story.

In closing I just want to ask the Good Lord to help the unemployed, The hungry, The homeless, All who suffer from fear or hate, especially some kind 

of illness, and for those grieving for loss of loved ones. Be with our soldiers; please watch over them. To all of you I say, Have a great day and touch

somebody's life today.  FELIZ NAVIDAD TO YOU AND YOURS.

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ed Saiz

graduated from santa fe highschool in 1960.

graduated from cal. state univ. in hayward ca.

retired from fire service after 38 years

Married with a son & a daughter and 2 grandchildren.

Live in Auburn, Ca.


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