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Me and Jerry Jeff

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 Me And Jerry Jeff


Arthur Scott


   Way back in the olden days,  early 70's, I was really into the folk revival and the "outlaw" country trends in music. Some of the folks I really  enjoyed at the time were Kris Kristofferson  (still a favorite for his poetic lyrics) , among the "outlaws" (those whom fled the Nashville record corporations  for the recording freedom of Austin, Texas; were Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, B. W. Stephenson, Ray Wiley Hubbard along with several others. A sort of cult favorite was Jerry Jeff Walker (actually from New York but adopted Texas as home as well as the name "Jerry Jeff Walker") and the Lost Gonzo Band.  He was a successful song writer and had written  "Mr. Bojangles" which was covered by many artists over the years.

    Santa Fe was  not then noted as a concert town. I do remember taking a date  in high school to a

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