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Mike Scarborough: Writes a blog that has much about his book and more. I recommend it and consider it mandatory reading for NM History buffs.


Wednesday, 19 December 2012 18:51

book recommendation

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"Trespassers On Our Own Land" by Mike Scarborough, is the most accurate and best researched account of the 1967 Tierra Amarilla Courthouse raid, he has included a history of NM land grant issues with facts that boggle the mind. The accounting is structured around the oral history of the Juan P Valdez  family from Canjillon, NM who became my friends back at the time of the TA Courthouse raid when I was living in El Rito, NM. I have to say it has reopened feelings I thought had healed.

 Trespassers On Our Own Land: Structured as an oral history of the Juan P. Valdez family and of the land grants of Northern New Mexico by Mike Scarborough

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