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I am writing to recommend the book titled 'Sabino's Map", "Life in Chimayo's Old Plaza" by Don J. Usner, 1995.  It was recommended to me by Michael Miller, back on December 11th. A truly great book worth reading. A great History story about a time and place that most people perhaps know little about. It also has some great photos, some of Maria's Aunt Mercedes Trujillo, which she previously wrote about.  Michael thank you, once again for letting me know about this great book. Again, if you haven't read it you will enjoy it. 

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I am  writing to highly recommend the above mentioned documentary to all of you. - You will not be disappointed. This is a MUST SEE for the entire family, especially teenage school students. Sadly we are losing upwards of 800 or more WWII veterans per day. The WWII memorial was completed in 2004 - It took 60 years to build a memorial to honor them.  The documentary deals with the escorting of WWII VETERANS to see the memorial in Washington D.C. at NO COST to the individual. It tells the stories of veterans Joe Demier and Harvey Kurz. Joe was pictured in Life Magazine as "The Human Skeleton" upon his liberation  from a German POW Camp. Days from death, He weighed just 70 lbs. Harvey, saw our flag go up at the Battle Of Iwo Jima; Unbeknown to the shoppers He bags groceries at the local Pick N' Save. As a result of this documentary Honor Flight Organizations now exist and more are being formed all over the U.S.A. If you would like to get involved, please visit www. honorflight.org  also visit www.stars and stripeshonorflight.org.

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New Mexico Veteran Finally Gets His Medal.

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On March 28, 2013, U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich presented Mr. Orville E. Kirk the WWII Victory Medal. Mr. Kirk, a long time resident

of New Mexico, is a WWII Army veteran who qualified for the WWII Medal, but never received it after its creation in 1945. Senator Heinrich

and his staff worked with the D>O>D> to ensure Mr. Kirk received his long overdue Medal.  Mr. Kirk is also the recipient of a Silver Star,

Bronze Medal, and a Purple Heart.  The WWII Victory Medal is awarded to any member of the United States Military who served on active 

duty. or as a reservist, between December 7, 1941 and December 31, 1946.  Congratulations Mr. Orville E. Kirk, and God bless you.

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