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 The Silvers, Abe and Marion, are longtime Santa Feans and owners of a well-known downtown building that came to house The Guarantee on the Plaza, a prominent retail store with a long history in Santa Fe. 

The Silvers discussed their family's history in the area during a recent interview. 

The Silvers' comments came during New Mexico 1912-2012, the state's public celebration of a century of statehood. 

"We're fifth generation here," Marion Silver said. "We have a history in Santa Fe." 

The Silvers co-owned and operated The Guarantee, a department store at 53-55 Old Santa Fe Trail, with Gene and Jane Petchesky, Marion's sister. 

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1876 The Daily New Mexican page 3

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Note advertisement for "Carl and Company, Western Brewery, Santa Fe, New Mexico." Beer by kegs, gallons or bottles delivered anywhere. Also "lager report."

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1876 The Daily New Mexican page 4

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The Daily New Mexican 1876 page 2

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The Daily New Mexican Ocotober 10, 1876

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   I will be posting the four pages of the October 10, 1876 "The Daily New Mexican." Two and a half pages are in English and one and a half in Spanish. The newspaper was published by "The Daily New Mexican. Published daily except Sunday by Manderfield and Tucker, Proprietors and Editors." Page one featurs the funeral of my great grandfather's brother, Sigmund Seligman. He died at Fort Craig from an apparent stroke. He dies on October 4, 1876. He was forty six years old. The paper states he was buried at the "Odd Fellows Cemetery. Anybody know this location?'

   Also on page one is an ad for Z. Stabb & Bro. which extols "Fast Mule Teams, The latest novelties of fashion and style from the eastern markets, which we shall offer to the trade at lowest prices."

From personal collection.

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Big Cut La Bajada

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New Mexico Bureau of Immigration advertisement - 1909

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Before Statehood was finally achieved in 1912, the Territory maintained an active Bureau of Immigration whose purpose was to entice United States citizens to emigrate and thus convince Congress that New Mexico could govern herself.  The Bureau was located in Albuquerque and, in 1909, issued this flyer extolling the opportunities available in New Mexico.

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The National Old Trails Road at La Bajada, New Mexico

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Attached is an excerpt from a draft National Register nomination on La Bajada by David Kammer (2002.)  It is one of the best histories of the road I've seen.

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New Mexico Museum of Art

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1866 Street view in Santa Fé

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"Created by an unidentified wood engraver after a sketch by Theodore R. Davis." NEW MEXICO MUSEUM OF ART

"Theodore R. Davis (1840–1894) was a 19th-century American artist, who made numerous drawings of significant military and political events during the American Civil War and its aftermath. His most significant sketch was of General Joseph E. Johnston and General William T. Sherman meeting at the Bennett Farm near Durham Station to discuss the surrender terms of the remaining Confederate armies in the Southeast. Many of his drawings were published as wood engravings in Harper's Weekly."

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