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Walking Tour of Santa Fe Downtown

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The former N.M. State Historian Roberto Torres in the 1990's was asked to come up with an official history for a walking tour of Santa Fe so that tours conducted by various individuals would be consistent, accurate, and enjoyable; and wild claims in such tours as: "Billy the Kid shot at Abraham Lincoln here at this spot" would be disspelled.  Often tour guides just made up stuff to have a unique tour---such disrupetableness could fall back on the hotels, resturants, conferences and tour companies which were associated with them.  The walking tour was submitted to a City Council-appointed committee for approval and additions; and the whole "script" was tested on some actual tours.

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William Mee

Resident of Agua Fria Village Traditional Historic Community (THC) a place of settlement since 1640, grew up by Cerrillos, N.M.  Went to SFHS, NMSU and College of Santa Fe; and later UNM.  Member of Agua Fria Village Association and Acequia Agua Fria Association.

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