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Special Book Donated to Library

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Some of the founding members of Voces de Santa Fe met yesterday with Patricia Hewitt, the Librarian of the Fray Angelico Chavez History Library in Santa Fe.  The purpose of the meeting was to donate a very special book (The Delight Makers) to the library where it will become a permanent part of it’s  historical collection. The book was originally sold to Charlie L. Miller of 607 Palace Ave., Santa Fe on July 11, 1923.  The book was sold to Mr. Miller by the J.F. Collins Co. which was an office supplies and stationery company in Santa Fe at the time.  We know this from the inscriptions that appear within the book.


Somehow this book ended up, almost a hundred years later, at a used-book store in New Hampshire and was purchased by Ann Armstrong of California who was vacationing in New Hampshire a couple of months ago. When Ann returned home to California, she did some online research to try to learn the identity of it’s original owner, Charlie Miller.  Ann didn’t turn up anything on Mr. Miller, but she did come across the Voces de Santa Fe website ( and through our website, she contacted us to see if we could assist her in returning the book to it’s original home in Santa Fe. After a journey of almost a hundred years and thousands of miles, this book has now returned home.


One has to wonder about how many times this book has been read and by whom and where.  This will probably remain forever a mystery.


(Pictured above besides Patricia Hewitt is Maria Montez-Skolnik, Jim Baca, Stephen Earnest and Mike Lord.  Maria, Jim, Stephen and Mike are co-founders of Voces de Santa Fe.)

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