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Painting by Manuel "Bob" Chavez (Ow-u-Te-wa)

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I recall meeting Bob some time around 1969. At the time I think he worked at the State Highway Dept. and taught art at St. Cathrine's Indian School. I bought this painting from him at his studio at the school for two reasons; 1. I really liked it and 2. It was a donation to the arts fund for the school. I knew he was from Cochiti and a Bataan death march survivor, but little else. As life moved on we lost contact.

I see now that he continued to paint at the school well into his eighties. He was a 1935 graduate of St Catherine's. He had a building named for him.  He spent four years as a POW in the Philippines and in Japan. He coached. And was designated a "living treasure" in 1987.

This painting is signed "Ow-u-Te-wa, 69." "Bob never understood why his grandmother, from Cochiti, gave him a Hopi name. He didn't know what it meant, till he met a Hopi in Sheridan, Wyoming who told him that Ow-u-Te-wa means Echo of Spring".

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