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Don Gaspar Historic District

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The Don Gaspar Historical District is the second Preservation District in Santa Fe. It is mostly residential, dating to the late 1800's. New architectural forms were added with the arrival of the railroad in Santa Fe. Architectural styles popular in the East, West, and MidWest began to be built in Santa Fe – Craftsman Bungalow, Italianate, Mansard, and Queen Anne. Traditional building with adobe was for the most part replaced with brick and stone construction. The diversity of styles in the Don Gaspar Historic District makes this area architecturally significant


National Register of Historic Places (added 1983 - #83001629)


Don Gaspar Avenue, lined with handsome residential dwellings, was named after Don Gaspar Ortiz, a “merchant prince” who ran wagon trains from Santa Fe to Chihuahua, later, to St. Louis, Missouri. Gaspar Ortiz, donated the land and the avenue was named after him in 1885.


The heart of the Don Gaspar Historic District, extends south from the State Capitol, and is part of the South Capitol area of Santa Fe. The northern boundary is Paseo de Peralta; the eastern boundary is the Old Santa Fe Trail; the southern boundary is West Houghton Street - West & East Coronado Road and the western boundary is Don Cubero. (This is approximate). The district is primarily residential with many licensed home business, B&B's plus law offices on the northern end of Don Gaspar Avenue. The district was largely built up in the early 20th Century, although it was apparently subdivided in the late 19th Century and at least a few of the buildings date from this earlier period. The mix of architectural styles includes, Craftsman Bungalow, Prairie, Spanish and Mission Revival, late-period Victorian, brick, Territorial and Pueblo Revival homes. Some of the homes are at least partially constructed from "pen tile" - structural tiles manufactured by the inmates of the New Mexico Penitentiary which was formerly located near the southwest end of the neighborhood. The district is transected by Don Gaspar Avenue and Galisteo Street, which run north-south.

Homes are exceptionally well built. Shady, tree-lined streets with sidewalks make for a congenial neighborhood feel. Local Cordova area, Railyard district and downtown attractions are within walking distance, making this one of the more desirable neighborhoods.


In some sources, Don Gaspar Historic District extends to Cordova Road. For this site, we will first concentrate on the heart of the historic area.


Homes/buildings in the historic Don Gaspar neighborhood, listed as significant, contributing, then non-contributing. All three make the neighborhood what it is today.


Hopefully, one day, signs 'Entering the Don Gaspar Historic District' will be located at strategic entrances, like Paseo at Don Gaspar.

If anyone has a photo of their home and want it included, E-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -feel free to post on this Facebook site!

Don Gaspar Historic District Streets, Avenues & Roads:


Paseo De Peralta

Don Gaspar Avenue

Galisteo Street

West Santa Fe Avenue

East Santa Fe Avenue

Webber Street

Pino Road

Old Santa Fe Avenue

West Booth Street

East Booth Street

Granada Street

Laughlin Street

West Buena Vista Street

East Buena Vista Street

Gildersleeve Street

West Berger Street

East Berger Street

Waldo Street

Cross Street

Sena Street

Don Cubero Place

Allendale Street

Gomez Road

Anita Place

Chavez Place

Gregory Lane

Rael Road

Don Cubero Avenue

Don Manuel Street

West Houghton Street

East Houghton Street

West Coronado Road

East Coronado Road




Wood Gormley Elementary

The Gormley building was founded in 1926, and was named after Frank. F. Gormley who was a school board member from 1914-1932. The addition of the Wood building came about ten years later in 1936. The Wood building was named after Professor James A. Wood who was Superintendent of the Public Schools from 1899-1912. 141 E. Booth Street


Neighborhood Licensed Businesses:


Santa Fe Leasing Specialists

518 Old Santa Fe Trail

Casas de Santa Fe

1323 Paseo de Peralta

Luna Luz Properties

510 Don Gaspar Avenue

Elemental Design - Marion Wasserman

703 Don Gaspar Avenue

Salon Santa Fe® Inc - Dwight Miller

707 Don Gaspar Avenue

Conservation Voters New Mexico

507 Webber Street #A


Neighborhood Bed & Breakfast's:


Don Gaspar Inn – 623 Don Gaspar Avenue - (505) 986.8664

Four Kachinas Inn – 512 Weber Street - (505) 982.2550

Inn of the Turquoise Bear – 342 East Buena Vista Street - (505) 983.0798


Don Gaspar Historic District Facebook site, is supportive, but does not represent or speak for the Santa Fe City Council or the Don Gaspar Neighborhood Association.


VOTE: Precinct 45 & 46 Unitarian Church,

107 W. Barcelona Road


Mayor David Coss

Elected mayor - 'City of Santa Fe' 2006

re-elected 2010.

200 Lincoln Ave

Santa Fe, NM 87501

(505) 955-6590

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Santa Fe City Council, District #2


Councilor Rebecca Wurzburger, Mayor Pro Tem - elected 2002, re-elected in March 2006, serving her third term: (505) 955.6815 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Councilor Peter Ives:- elected 2012:

(505) 955.6816, cell: (505) 690.8451 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


County Commission ‘District 1’

Daniel "Danny" Mayfield

(D) Term 2011-2014
 (505) 986-6200
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Don Gaspar Neighborhood Association

Peter B. Komis, DGNA President

610 Don Gaspar Avenue. Santa Fe. NM 87505.4428 - (505) 983.1166 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


DGNA Officers - Board Members: __________, __________, __________.


Santa Fe has a rich architectural history. The Historical Preservation Board of the City of Santa Fe works with owners to preserve the integrity of our Historic City.


Historic Districts Review Board (HDRB)

Sharon Woods, Chair

Cecilia Rios, Vice Chair

Rod Collier Acton, AIA

John Kantner, PHD, RPA

Frank D. Katz

Christine Mather

Karen Walker


Historic Preservation Division

David Rasch


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The mission of this division is to preserve the character of Santa Fe by effectively administering the Historic Districts and Archaeological Districts ordinances and by educating the public about historic preservation.


Religious views

            San•ta Fe (sän'tä fe'): Holy Faith



Don Gaspar Historic District - South Capital Barrio


Favourite Quotations

“Have nothing in your house you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful" ~ William Morris


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Developed and look after the Don Gaspar Historic District Facebook site:

Belong to every historic organization in Santa Fe - some national.

Have a 1915 A&Cs Craftsman-Bungalow, 707 Don Gaspar Avenue, painstakingly made historically correct. Over 100 books on the period, every issue of American Bungalow, Style 1900 and Arts & Crafts Revival magazines from their inception. 

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