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New Mexico Tinwork--St. Nathalie

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Early New Mexico Tinwork—Saint Nathalie


Arthur Scott


    I bought the Saint Nathalie in a tinwork frame over 65 years ago. My mother was always looking for antiques and dragging me along. I had saved some money from sacking groceries and a paper route.  We went to some tobacco-chewing old gringo’s place in an old adobe house with a front portal, a rocking chair, and a coffee can for a spittoon. I don’t remember much else so I have no real idea how old she is.

   This guy had a house full of trosteros, chests, bultos and retablos. He apparently took a liking to me and I came away after a couple of  visits with this tinwork, a San Isidro bulto with two oxen; a .45-.70 1865 Springfield long rifle; and a Colt .22 caliber single shot derringer. To this day, I can’t remember the man’s name.

   The derringer was stolen from a wall in my home by a high-school classmate and never recovered. The Springfield, along with another rifle was traded for a Gibson, five-string, Pete Seeger Model, long-neck banjo in 1965. The bulto was traded to Rex Arrowsmith (I think) for some prehistoric Indian pottery during the 60’s also. The piece shown above has traveled with me through a couple of marriages and several states.

The REverse




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  • Comment Link Arthur Scott Wednesday, 04 December 2013 16:18 posted by Arthur Scott

    Sorry, Ed, that I haven't answered sooner. We were out of town for awhile. I can't remember your primo. After Whitney died in HS, I sort of lost touch with the Williams. If he was working there while he was still in school, I might have known him. But iy has been a lot of years.

  • Comment Link ed Saiz Friday, 29 November 2013 22:52 posted by ed Saiz

    I was talking to a cousin of mine in Tesuque, and asked him
    about his older brother. I wonder if you knew him? His name
    Esperanza Roybal , He worked for Williams Ranch, for a while
    after graduating from highschool. He met his future wife
    Shirley there. Her folks were from Texas, worked for the
    Williams, and ultimately left for Calif; Esperanza followed
    Shirley and her folks. Esperanza and Shirley married and
    settled down in No. Calif. He worked as V.P. of B. of A. for
    years. He died about last year. I wondered if you knew him,
    since he was about the same age as your friend.

  • Comment Link Arthur Scott Tuesday, 26 November 2013 14:38 posted by Arthur Scott

    No longer. My hands are too crippled. My grandson now plays it. My teacher was Steve Kieth founder of "The Last Mile Ramblers." They played at the old Golden Inn at Golden back in the day. I hauled the banjo through a six-month US AID tour in Brazil to practice and entertain myself in hotel rooms. Found te Brazilians really liked it.

  • Comment Link ed Saiz Tuesday, 26 November 2013 06:04 posted by ed Saiz


    Nice work to finally end up with with Saint Nathalie and San
    Isidro, after all that "horse trading". My question is do you
    play the Banjo?

  • Comment Link Arthur Scott Monday, 25 November 2013 17:08 posted by Arthur Scott

    Piece of cake!

    Enter and post lead image.
    Edit post. Insert text.
    Make all other images less than 2in. X 3in. using Photoshop.
    Drag and drop image to desired place in text.
    Click on over sized image
    Grab corner and reduce size. Continue reducing until image matches text.
    Repeat with other desired images
    NOTE: Size reduction is laborious.

  • Comment Link Mike Lord Sunday, 24 November 2013 17:21 posted by Mike Lord

    OK, Pete. How'd you do it?

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